Religious Organizations and You

Religious Organizations and You

What Are The Benefits Of Lutheran Sunday School For Kids?

Every child is a beloved son or daughter of God. Adults have a duty to shepherd kids in the way they should go, bringing them up to recognize God's love, sovereignty, and grace. Regular Sunday school classes can help by imparting Biblical lessons to kids through instruction, songs, games, and activities. These are some things that Lutheran Sunday school can offer: 1.

Understanding The Positive Impacts Online Meetings Can Have On Your Church

Love it or hate it, technology is always changing and one of those changes is the movement toward online meetings for houses of worship. However, getting your congregation on board with the transition to online meetings is not always an easy feat, as some people may feel online meetings take away from socializing and are less welcoming. Looking at the positive impacts

Kids And Church: How Your Child Can Benefit From Classes Created For Children

Church classes for kids may be referred to as Sunday school or children's church depending on the church you are attending but their end goal is to provide a safe and fun place for kids to learn and grow spiritually. Whether your church follows a specific curriculum for children's church or simply studies the Bible together as a group, these classes can have a positiv

Four Things You Can Find At A Non-Denominational Christian Church

Many Christians go to church every Sunday to worship the Lord and hear a good message. If you're of the Protestant faith but don't follow a particular sect of Christianity, a non-denominational church may be the best fit for you. New believers and people who haven't been to church in a while may wonder if attending church is right for them. Here are some of the things

Marriage Help Program: What The Church Can Offer

The church is often seen as a safe harbor for those who are struggling with life's many ups and downs. For married couples, the ebb and flow of difficulties are not unknown, and many find themselves having difficulty navigating through their hardships. A church that offers a program specifically designed for marriage help is a wonderful way to give back to the communi